Sahten - The Skatepal Cookbook
Sahten - The Skatepal Cookbook
Sahten - The Skatepal Cookbook
Sahten - The Skatepal Cookbook

Sahten - The Skatepal Cookbook

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'Sah-ten' translates roughly from Arabic to 'two healths'. It's a phrase frequently used in Palestine when food is placed on the table. A bit like bon appetit.

Sahten paints a picture of the current skateboarding scene in Palestine, told in the form of a cookbook. Included recipes have been collected from various figures in Palestine’s skateboarding community, supplemented by a couple of recipes from shop owners, local heroes, past volunteers, and even by Palestine’s own international master chef, Sami Tamimi.

Each dish has been illustrated by Palestinian-Canadian animator Noor Abouseido, and coloured in by young skaters in Palestine and the Palestinian diaspora in Canada.

Alongside the recipes, you’ll find interviews with local and international skaters, a yoga sequence to help ease any skate-related aches and pains, and various other features, all peppered with photography collected over the years.

Edited by Tom Bird.

All proceeds from the book will help support SkatePal's continued work in Palestine.


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