Piak! Rosé

Piak! Rosé

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Fancy it framed?

Super juicy, light rosé from Chenin blanc and cabernet franc. The cabernet franc is mostly directly pressed ( blanc de noir ), a small part with rind soaking, for the rosé color and a little more structure.

When you are thirsty, your dry mouth sounds like "piak piak". Piak! has thus become the rallying cry of some thirsty people!

12,5% - 75cL


The domaine was formed in 2002 when Sebastien took over 1.8 hectares of vineyard and cellar from his maternal grandparents who had retired 15 years previously. The decision to work organically was imperative, especially under the influence of Olivier Cousin. Sebastien started off with 1.5 hectares of Cabernet Franc and 0.3 hectare of Chenin Blanc which he vinified in the domaine’s historic cellar, carved in the tuffeau (limestone) of the Coteaux of Saumur. These wines, which are aged in barrels, gave birth to the first cuvées Amateus Bobi and Echalier.

In 2007, his thirst for experimentation led him to meet Bernard Pontonnier “Ponpon” who introduced him to the process of carbonic maceration.
Next came time to expand. In 2010, Sebastien took over a tenancy of 2 hectares of Cabernet Franc. He also wanted to vinify grape varieties other than Cabernet and Chenin and decided to buy some Pineau d’Aunis, Gamay and Cot. Du Rififi a Beaulieu was born!