New Metonyms - Bosnia & Herzegovina

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From the authors: “Today, Bosnia & Herzegovina is transforming, albeit slowly, into a progressive, secular 21st-century nation. More and more tourists visit the country every year from all over the world, but its international image is still tied to its brutal war of the 1990s. While war and its remnants cannot be avoided in Bosnia, the country is not defined by it. The aim of this book is to collect a new set of Bosnia’s metonyms—it’s key representational images with an attempt to see what can be gathered if war had no consequence. From its intricate geography to its cities, isolated landmarks and cultural signifiers, New Metonyms is a book about looking within to see beyond.”

1st Edition (500 copies)
140pp (260mmx200mm)
Soft cover (Rives Laid Bright White 320gsm)
Inside pages (Uncoated matt paper 120gsm)