Kold Hot Sauce

Kold Hot Sauce

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Kold's fermented hot sauce is made from the freshest, farm grown hot peppers. 

The guys at Kold top, mash and ferment the chillies with only natural ingredients, to develop a unique heat and bold, Kold flavour. 

Their fermented mash is blended with vinegar, but it’s still very much alive and kicking. They do not cook our sauce.

They made it Kold, so they recommend you keep and serve it Kold too. 

Remember to keep Kold Sauce refrigerated!


Kold Sauce was born in the States and brewed in London, UK. 

Their mission was to give Kold Sauce the same profile as the bright red, no frills, American hot pepper sauce we grew up with. Their challenge was to produce it with only natural ingredients and the grace of fermentation. 

Over a handful of years, hundreds of trials and many thousands of chillies, they landed on a sauce that they couldn’t be more proud of / addicted to. 

They called it Kold Sauce because they wanted to… splash it on everything.