Irish Black Butter

Irish Black Butter

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Despite its name there is no milk or butter in this amazing product. It is a thick, smooth & rich Apple preserve. Made using Armagh Bramley Apple, Armagh Cider & Spices.

Use on toast, scones, bagles. Enjoy with cheese or cold meats. Black butter preserve is also great for marinading, glazing and the BBQ. Enjoy with apple pie or over ice cream. Irish Black Butter is also suitable for Vegan and Vegetarian.


"During the 2016  successful Year Of Food and Drink in Northern Ireland  I was inspired by the enthusiasm and drive of local producers  taking  great local produce  to home  and overseas markets. That inspiration motivated me to create a black butter preserve and launch  ‘a new taste of Ireland’ which is Irish Black Butter. Over some years I had been aware of black butter conserve and how it was said to date from medieval times. It is an old traditional recipe which has been in use here on the island of Ireland. A combination of bygone days spent  in the serenity of the Garry Bog near Ballymoney  cutting turf,  enjoying homemade scones and  pancakes with apple jelly were some of the seeds of inspiration for  Alastair’s new venture – Irish Black Butter.

“I remember many a time going out and picking apples, damsons and  gooseberrys for homemade jams and pies.  Good times and happy family memories of days gone by.” Of course it was a working farm with cows and sheep and pigs as well. There were also the regular crops of barley, potatoes and turnips.  The big Shire horses were away before my time but the  bridles and saddles were still there in the old stables – a dusty  echo of a past powerful presence traversing the land.

Based at Portrush in County Antrim,  Alastair teamed up with multi award winning chef Paul Clarke,  the managing director of the En Place Foods at Cookstown in County Tyrone to create the perfect recipe for the very first Irish Black Butter product.

“In essence we took something very old and traditional  and  brought it into the twenty first century.”  Using Euro PGI status Armagh Bramley Apples gives Irish Black Butter a core  steeped in locality, quality and provenance.  The Armagh Bramley has a rich heritage dating back hundreds of years and Armagh has long been recognised as the ‘orchard county’ of Ireland.