Denise Nestor: Frosted Donut

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Size: 297mm x 420mm 

Process: Archival/giclée print on Photo Rag 308 paper stock 

Edition: 100

Prints are sent in a strong postage tube packed in acid-free tissue paper accompanied by a certificate of authenticity blind embossed with our company seal.

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Frosted Donut by Denise Nestor

Time's not something you can keep hold of. Time doesn't let up, there's never enough of it and it gets cruel. This print is an Irish celebration of a man who commanded time in some classic records. Another son of Detroit that grew American music. Gone by 32 but he'd been digging in the crates three decades by then. He started that early. He had the jump on all of us.

That's what the Gods hold when they sample: a mastery of time, a world in a half second trapping time and playing with it. Dilla made time his puppy he could walk around on a string. The donut of the heart is a hug whenever you need it.

Denise Nestor's skilled fingers can catch time too. Her meticulous detail has given us a proud profile. This needed the blessing of the guardians, Maureen Yancey and Dilla's family. So we're grateful to them in one more way. The crew from Pay Jay putting it on the new EP is another gift. More heads nodding. Still restless. Still working on it. Still letting the drums bang out. 

We give thanks x