Craft Cocktails- French Martini 700ml

Craft Cocktails- French Martini 700ml

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This contemporary classic cocktail may not be French, nor actually a martini, but it sure is delicious. A classic mix of vodka, pineapple, and black raspberry liqueur, we’ve added a little Irish raspberry wine to give this an extra summery feel. Best served with a pineapple wedge, an extra hard shake and all poured over ice.

Based on a classic sour cocktail, created at one of Keith McNally's bars, downtown Manhattan, circa 1986.

Chill, shake, pop, pour
Serve over ice
Garnish with a pineapple wedge


Craft Cocktails are hand mixed and bottled in Dublin 7 by award winning bartenders. Ready to drink, they have a 6 month shelf life and once open should be refrigerated and drank within 3 days. They're made using 100% natural ingredient so some sediment may occur, shake before use. Enjoy over lots of ice in your fanciest glass!