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Fantasy 12 James Marsh Bob Dylan vinyl cover limited edition art print
Fantasy 12 James Marsh Bob Dylan vinyl cover limited edition art print framed on wall

'DYLAN' by James Marsh


Process: Giclee print on hahnemuhle fine art archival stock

Edition: 100

Prints are sent in a strong postage tube packed in acid-free tissue paper accompanied by a certificate of authenticity blind embossed with our company seal. 

Contact us to discuss framing.  

Fantasy 12 

Hen's Teeth Prints, Choice Cuts and This Greedy Pig presents Fantasy 12: A Fantastical Trip into Iconic Album Artwork, a celebration of visual interpretations of music. Over the past year we reached out to some of the world's most exciting and evocative record-sleeve artists and asked them to reinvent their favourite album artwork. Without the constraints of working directly with a musician the artists were able to let their imaginations run wild to interpret the work within.

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James Marsh

Born in 1946 in Yorkshire, England, James Marsh is a U.K.-based artist, designer, illustrator and writer who has worked in all aspects of the world of visual fine arts, with clients in advertising, publishing and other media. After moving to London in 1965 and graduating two years later with a National Diploma in Design, he started his music graphics-related career at Pie Records, moving soon after to Decca Records and then to join with artist Alan Aldridge (when forming “Ink Studios”) that led him to his most high-profile projects at that time, including their acclaimed book “The Beatles Illustrated Lyrics”, published in 1969, and Andy Warhol’s “Chelsea Girls” posters.

'DYLAN' by James Marsh

'DYLAN' by James Marsh

'DYLAN' by James Marsh
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