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Hatchett Sound at Hen's Teeth

Handmade to order in his Cork studio, Toby’s speakers, amplifiers and turntables are both impressive pieces of audio kit, and beautiful additions to any home or office. Toby’s pieces hint at mid-century interior design, in finishes including birch ply and formica.

These speakers bring a new, higher level of sound quality for listeners. With Toby’s system, it is now possible to easily hear previously unheard details in tracks, such as the plucking of individual guitar strings, the placement of musicians in a studio, and the unique qualities of a singer’s voice.

Unlike many other sound systems, sound is ‘uncoloured’ by Toby’s, and listeners can enjoy a truer experience of their favourite music. Toby’s commitment to creating the best sound experience is boundless; he custom-makes every system to order, much in the way a tailor would craft a bespoke suit, and will even be on-site for clients, to install the full range.

“This sound system unlocks music. It means you can hear it the way it was designed to be heard; it is crisper and cleaner, with greater depth to the sound.” – Toby Hatchett

Contact us at studio@hensteethprints.com to arrange an in-store demo.