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Eric Foenander

Eric Foenander - Hen's Teeth Prints Portrait
Eric Foenander - Hen's Teeth Prints Portrait


Eric Foenander has been illustrating, painting, and doing all things arty since he was a toddler. Having focused on oils and acrylic in his early years, he has since developed into a multidisciplinary artist, with stints in the worlds of advertising, animation and industrial design. Eric is now a full time creative, focusing on illustration, design, mural work and creative consultancy and has worked with clients such as Nike, Esquire, FHM and Brainfeeder.

His style ranges from simple and graphic to rich and bombastic, paralleling his love of music, which stems primarily from hip hop. Eric’s work has appeared in Kult Gallery in Singapore, Singapore Arts Museum & Clear Edition Gallery in Roppongi Tokyo, amongst others.