Tony's Chocoloney - Milk Caramel Sea Salt
Tony's Chocoloney - Milk Caramel Sea Salt

Tony's Chocoloney - Milk Caramel Sea Salt

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Tony’s milk chocolate like you know and love, filled up with pieces of caramel and crunchy sea salt. This flavour was once a limited edition, but because they couldn't imagine a world in which they would never taste it again, added it to their regular lineup.


The classic milk chocolate bar was the first bar Tony's ever made, back in 2005 with a screaming red wrapper to attract attention to their main mission - 100% slave-free chocolate. Made with Belgian fairtrade milk chocolate with 32% minimum cocoa solids. 

134 cocoa beans are used for this bar. Last year Tony's sold 43,176,336 bars. The 6,624 farmers who produce cocoa for Tony’s earn a decent income. In addition to the Fairtrade premium they are also paid a Tony’s premium supporting their families and local industry.

Tony's Chocolonely is the only 100% slave free fair trade chocolate company in the world. Tony's mission is to end slavery in the cocoa industry. What a mission and what a great way to change peoples lives with a simple switch for your tasty treat! The more people that choose slave free, the sooner 100% slave free will be the norm in chocolate.