Throw Away Book
Throw Away Book

Throw Away Book

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Publisher: Image text sound editions, Dublin.
Number of pages: 304


Club flyers were an integral part of dance music culture, and they played a central role in the promotion of the dance music scene in the 1990s. ‘Throw Away’ is not a comprehensive history of
the decade, but it does provide insights into Dublin city’s dance music scene during this exciting
period. The book reflects the scene’s progression from initial rave phenomenon to its eventual
mainstream acceptance and commoditisation. Collectively the flyers document a changing Dublin city
where nightlife – previously restricted by licensing laws, limited public transport, and a shortage of
suitable venues – took hold with a generation of ambitious promoters and venue owners. Almost all
the venues have since been demolished or have changed use. The flyers contained in this book reflect
a Dublin that has largely disappeared.

Each flyer contains metadata on matters completely unrelated to dance music. Collectively the flyers
document the development of design technologies, and the advent of new communication
technologies such as mobile phones, email addresses and websites. The flyers also contain
information on brands and the trends du jour (alcohol, clothing, radio stations) via the sponsorship on
the flyers. Despite being designed as disposable items; the flyers have outlasted their original purpose.
‘Throw Away’ includes over 1,100 flyer reproductions and photographs of former venues. The book
will appeal to social historians, design lovers and club culture nostalgists alike. The book is designed
by Maybury and written by Nugent with accompanying texts by Maybury, Aoife Nic Canna and Niall