SOLO Olive Oil- Picual 250ml

SOLO Olive Oil- Picual 250ml

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Produced with olives from over 100 years old trees, it has the energy and body of a teenager. Extra Virgin Olive Oil harvested and milled in less than 24h.   

  • Origin: Olive Grove ¨Acebuche¨ (Baños de la Encina).
  • Story: Produced with olive from trees protected and pampered by our uncle Jose Luis Azorit 
  • Process: cold pressed
  • Harvest: October 2020.
  • Taste notes: Fresh cut grass

Solo is an extra virgin olive oil from an extraordinary place – Baños de la Encina, in the province of Jaén, one of the most renowned olive oil producing regions in the world.

As the name suggests, Solo stands for simplicity and purity. Inspired by the belief that when things are created locally, fairly and without a rush, the rewards are much greater.

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