Seanfhocail - M&E
Seanfhocail - M&E
Seanfhocail - M&E
Seanfhocail - M&E

Seanfhocail - M&E

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Fancy it framed?

Edition: 100

Paper Stock: Permajet Portrait Rag 285gsm 

Size: 42 x 59.4cm (A2)

These unique artworks aim to present and promote the Irish language through using proverbs to look at our contemporary times, a reflection on the past year, a look to the future and to celebrate the resilience and community spirit of the Irish people at the time of our national holiday celebrations.

Irish Proverb: Chíonn beirt rud nach bhfeiceann duine amháin
Two people see a thing that an individual does not see. In other words, two heads are better than one

Commissioned by St. Patrick's Festival in partnership with Hen's Teeth.

Supported by the Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media under the 20 Year Strategy for the Irish Language 2010 – 2030.

About the artist

M&E Studio are Matthew Bolger and Emelie Lidström, an Irish/Swedish creative studio based in Malmö & Dublin. They work in the fields of graphic and product design, photography, illustration and film.

Known for their colourful work, love of process and unconventional approach, M&E Studio moves between designing for cultural institutions and within the music industry, to branding and concept development.

Their work often takes the form of controlled experiments dealing with reflection, distortion, light and colour by exploring a variety of materials such as glass, resin, wood and ink.

Their style is playful but with a dark undertone, with randomness and the relationship between nature and humanity being some of the reoccurring themes.