Savage Sauces

Savage Sauces

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Savage ferment their sauces for weeks for a few different reasons. Firstly for flavour!! Fermented foods have a unique sour/tangy/umami can't quite out your finger in it distinctive flavour that happens over time when the vegetables are mixed with water and salt! It also creates a lovely spicy lactic acid which they use instead of lots of vinegar!!

Secondly - they use WAY more chillies in their sauces compared with the commercial stuff! Savage Sriracha has over 60% chillies in a bottle. 

Finally - they use no preservatives, emulsifiers or thickening agents. It's all natural ingredients with no short cuts!


Savage Sauces make unbelievable tasting sauces with all natural ingredients, no preservatives and a whole lot of love. Savage experiment with all kinds of techniques, ingredients and food cultures until they hit on a magic formula that delivers a huge flavour punch to liven up your taste buds! 
This Fermented Sriracha is a Thai style chilli sauce that uses chillies, garlic, yellow pepper and ginger that are fermented for three weeks to create a unique funky flavour that is spicy but also a bit fruity, a bit sweet and has a decent bang of garlic too!!
Unlike other commercially produced sauces each bottle of Savage Sauces Fermented Sriracha contains over 50% red chillies. Because Savage use fermentation as part of their preservation process they also use way less vinegar.
The sauces is ready to eat! It's great with cheese (especially blue cheese), on top of eggs, a dash in soup, mixed with mayo, on top of a stir fry, in a sandwich, on chips, dip a toastie in it - add a dash to liven up stews and casseroles!