Kim Van Vuuren - Future Fossils,Kim Van Vuuren - Hen's Teeth

Kim Van Vuuren - Future Fossils

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Paper type: Cotton rag, 285gsm, archival 

Edition: 100

Size : A1 & A2


Kim Van Vuuren is a South African visual artist and graphic designer based in Barcelona. She studied Fine Art at the University of Cape Town. Kim's contemporary and vibrant style has been developed through the use of bold and contrasting colors to transcend viewers into a utopian dream setting that evokes a unique emotional resonance for them. The scenes or compositions that Kim tends to depict are symbolic of her surroundings, memories, places and experiences throughout her life. Her work is driven by everyday city life, the natural world and music. 

Her latest work explores  the fragility of the natural world and ecosystems that are likely to be strongly damaged by humans and their activities. Through the process of 3D rendering she has given life to her typically flat compositions and shapes. Generating a new experience for the viewer, on screen and in print.