Kikusui Shuzo Kikusui Junmai Ginjo Sake - 720 ml

Kikusui Shuzo Kikusui Junmai Ginjo Sake - 720 ml

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For a light and comfortably dry-tasting sake that is as crisp and clean as a dry white wine, it has to be this.

Made using the Japanese rice that has been milled down to 55% and fermented slowly at low temperatures, this elegant sake has a rich aroma of fresh cantaloupe and banana with refreshing Mandarin orange-like overtones. A great wine alternative that's perfect for sake lovers and beginners alike. 

Type: Junmai Ginjo
Flavour: Medium Dry
Drinking Temperature: Cold (4-5℃) or at room temperature
Food Pairing: Any cuisine


The world of sake is so spectacularly rich and complex that, like with wine, whiskey, and many other types of alcohol, it is virtually impossible to know everything about it. Sake is categorised either by its ingredients (ie. whether brewer’s alcohol has been added to it) or by how much the rice has been milled, or polished. No two sakes are exacty alike!