Kib Tea's- Cardamon Cinnamon Cloves

Kib Tea's- Cardamon Cinnamon Cloves

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Fancy it framed?

Snappy cinnamon spiked with cloves, cardamon and ginger.

Made with
  • 39% Ginger
  • 39% Tulsi (Holy Basil)
  • 10% Cloves
  • 5% Cardamom
  • 3% Cinnamon
  • 3% Turmeric
  • 1% Black Pepper

Planet-positive and flavour-forward herbal teas. Most of Kib's food systems are pretty linear: they're all about what we can get out of the planet now, and not about what we might want and need in the future. But Kib are part of a movement that's reimagining life on this planet by embracing circular systems and ways of growing that give back as much as they take.