Gianni - Derry

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Edition: Open

Paper Stock: Permajet Portrait Rag 285gsm 

Size: 400mm x 400mm 

"County Derry, or Doire, takes its name from the old Irish Daire, meaning Oak Grove, although several names have changed hands for the place since, and continue to depending on which news you watch. It boasts the oldest walled medieval enclave in Europe, the fourth largest city in Ireland, and four or more of its most famous girls. Derry has endured a lot but, most importantly, it has endured. And in a troubled, walled corner of this island, it made an icon of a corner wall; one that was steadfast, immovable, and free.” Seamas O’Reilly


Dubliner Gianni Clifford is an award winning designer with a host of experience in both Product and Graphic Design. Gianni's experience ranges from working in-house on enterprise tech to founding his own small start-up. Gianni sees side projects as a fundamental method for designers to continue to grow, learn and develop their skill set. In the past Gianni has enjoyed collaborations with the likes of Google and Universal Pictures, he has featured on It's Nice That, AIGA and Interface Lovers. Currently Gianni is pushing the boundaries of what a side project can be with his project;: Dublin Bricks.