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Harry's Nut Butter

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This one you may know already. It’s slightly sweet, kind of salty, a little bit spicy and
incredible on toast. Drizzle it over your roast veg, slather it on a cheese toastie, blitz it into a soup or simmer it into a sauce.


Harry’s Nut Butter started out life as the house nut butter in The Fumbally café in Dublin 8. Harry Colley worked there since 2015 in the kitchen, doing the odd workshop, catering events, working on Fumbally food projects and, in his words, 'generally hanging around being a nuisance.' 

Harry doesn't remember making the nut butter for the first time, thinks he was just being bold and trying to sneak chilli into places where it didn’t belong. Harry loves chilli and spice so clearly the nut butter was the home for this obsession… it’s somewhat smokey, kinda sweet and pretty salty. People really liked it and he thought whatever, it’s just nut sauce. 

But they started to see the nut butter jars disappearing really quickly. Obscenely quickly. They’d send out a full jar with one order and it would come back empty. There’s not enough bread there to hold that much nut butter! But people kept on piling the nut butter high on their toast, demolishing jar after jar and they guessed that they might have something good on their hands.

Luca (the eccentric Italian Fumbally owner) took Harry aside one afternoon. They ate chicken parmigiana with a side of spaghetti and he told Harry they he had a dream a few nights before that they started jarring the butter and strangely enough that was all the convincing Harry needed. So now here they are, living his dream and jarring nut butter. And having a lot of fun doing it.