Egle Zvirblyte x Hen's Teeth - Lazy Kittin

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Hen’s Teeth has partnered with artist Egle Zvirblyte to release Lazy Kittin, a limited edition ceramic sculpture.

The hand-painted, iconic piece brings one of Egle’s voluptuous characters to life in a playful 3D form.

“For me Lazy Kittin embodies an expression of female energy that I keep coming back to in many of my works - a wild, free, uninhibited, promiscuous, spontaneous, and unapologetic. This edition is a totem of a life of indulgence and pleasure, of enjoyment and of full experience of one's body.” - Egle Zvirblyte.

Edition: 50

Size: 15cm x 26cm

Slip casted, hand finished earthenware ceramic sculpture

Custom-made wooden box

Certificate of authenticity

About Egle

Egle is a Lithuanian artist and illustrator based in London. She creates visually punchy and irreverent work that has a strong presence but also invites to have a personal experience without discrimination. In her artistic practice Egle explores themes of identity, transformation, female body and human connection.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.