Apocalypse Chow Screen-printed Tablecloth

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Fancy it framed?

One off screen-printed tablecloth.

Red ink on White Linen fabric 

Dimensions 265cm x 480cm


Hen’s Teeth & Laura Callaghan present APOCALYPSE CHOW: a collection imagining a feast at the end of the world.

Laura Callaghan's intricate watercolour, gouache and pen imagery can be seen across everything in this Bacchanalian inspired tablescape and installation. 

“I've taken inspiration from the fifteen signs of doomsday, popularised in the Middle Ages which chronicle the bizarre events that are said to occur a fortnight before the end of the world. These new works combine my two main interests: food and nihilism and explore mediums like ceramics, screen printed textiles, watercolour work and silk banners.” - Laura Callaghan, artist.