3FE- India - Balmaadi: Washed, Kent & S795 (250g)

3FE- India - Balmaadi: Washed, Kent & S795 (250g)

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3FEs second coffee this year from biodynamic grower Unnamalai Thiagarjen. She has built a self-sufficient system in a remote region, including making her own compost and foliar sprays. Unnamalai grows Kent & S795, two varieties that are fairly common in India but not outside of it, and are definitely new to us. This coffee has a rich earthiness, full of body with it's tea-like tannins, a perfect example of an Indian coffee.

  • COUNTRY: India
  • FARM NAME:Balmaadi Estate
  • FARM OWNER: Unnamalai Thiagarjen
  • ELEVATION: 1,200-1,830 m.a.s.l
  • VARIETY: Kent and S795
  • PROCESS: Washed