Record Store Day with Analog Africa & Friends


We're super excited to invite one of our favourite labels Analog Africa to Dublin for an all dayer this Record Store Day. The seminal label from Germany takes over our HiFi space with a pop-up by day, and DJ set by night. Joining the label, we have the best local selecters and labels bringing a choice of their own collection and back catalogues which will be on sale throughout the day.


Label Manager, DJ & Digger Volkan Kaya aka Afreekaya/Mr.Kaya repressents the label on the day.


Get to know:

Analog Africa is a label based in Frankfurt, Germany, owned by Samy Ben Redjeb, releasing compilations with African and South American music mainly from the 70s and 80s.

For over a decade now, Samy Ben Redjeb’s seminal Analog Africa label has been unearthing the best in both explosive foot-shufflers and hypnotic sauntering treasures from Africa. It’s achieved more than most in celebrating the rich and diverse heritage of a much misunderstood and overlooked continent. Samy has spared nothing in his pursuit of choosing authentic and eye-opening choice records. His lifestyle and string of various jobs—from a Life Aquatic sojourn as a diving instructor in Senegal to a stint as a Lufthansa flight attendant crisscrossing the Lagos-Addis Ababa-Accra arc and beyond—have all been centered on a passion for crate digging.

Matching—if not surpassing—the tight and explosive, more celebrated and highenergy units of musicians from the “West”, Africa’s overlooked pool of pioneers and phenomenal session players run rings around The JB’s and The Meters just for starters, and are put back where they belong: in the spotlight. The chief instigators of so many music genres typically taken for granted—though they could borrow them back anytime—these consummate legends are given a just and appreciative platform by Analog Africa. By dusting off rare finds, locating those responsible, and in many cases interviewing the principle team or artist behind these iconic recordings, the allencompassing journey from transforming the source material into a sumptuous (and on occasion award-winning) objet d’art is documented for posterity.


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