Marina Esmeraldo: ‘Souvenirs’ Book Launch & Exhibition


SOUVENIRS is Marina Esmeraldo’s first art book. With new original drawings, poetry and the occasional recipe, the book features a collection of her travel memoirs since childhood, reflecting on the themes of belonging, alienation, growing up, feminism, and the timeless relationship between culture and food.

Stories are universal. They offer us a way of making sense of our world. Whether those stories are memories of friendship or betrayal; joy or longing; stories about heartache or chance encounters and falling in love, this is a uniquely human experience. All of this bound up in a beautiful, limited edition art piece and collectible item, in both English and Portuguese.



Get familiar:
I’m an artist, illustrator and architect from Brazil, living between Barcelona and London for the past ten years. As a product of moving between continents and cultures since childhood, in my life and work I am always reflecting on the topic of belonging.

For me, in these times of isolation, confinement and restricted movement, this book is a soothing exercise in evoking memories of adventures past. I hope it can inspire you to wander more freely through your own memories, as a critical part of what can sustain and console us.


The book launch and exhibition will take place in our studio at 18:30 on Thursday 19th May, and Marina will give her talk in the same space at 14:00 on Saturday 22nd May.


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