Monthly Market


Our monthly markets are back on the last weekend of every month, and we’re kicking things off this April banker with a serious line up of cuties offering up their best bits & bobs.


Get to know:

Assassination Custard
A sort of Italian. Fun, raucous and irreverent, Assassination Custard has been thrilling customers in its sardine can, two table, lunch time only premises since 2015. A no nonsense, daily changing, menu based around a couple of growers and suppliers and a stubborn belief in what they do makes a pilgrimage to A.C. not your average restaurant experience.


BLK Dog Barkery
Blk Dog Bakery is an all-natural dog bakery based in Dublin. They believe that healthy dog treats don't need to look boring to taste great. All of their treats are made directly in our home kitchen in small batches with a great deal of care, love, and attention.


Rashhiiid is Ireland's most sought-after faux fur hat designer. According to Rashhiiid, she is not attached to any specific age, gender or race, but rather to those who are not afraid to push boundaries and embrace their own individuality. Rashhiiid is socially and environmentally conscious and implements that into the design and creation process.

Rashhiiid is drawn to luxury and premium fabric as she believes that if you start with high quality materials, garments can have many lives, whether they’re transformed or merely mended.”

MNW Design
MNW design is run by Megan Nolan Walsh, a recent NCAD graduate. After finishing college over lockdown she decided that she wanted to start making her own designs. Sourcing locally and being as conscious as possible with what she learned from college really helped develop her ideas. “I like textiles and I like making so why not!”

Irish Craft Cocktails
Craft Cocktails are a range of premium, colourful bottled cocktails, hand mixed by our award winning team in Dublin 7. 'Made By Bartenders, Not by Pretenders', our cocktails are made with only 100% natural ingredients, premium spirits and some serious bartender know-how.

Pearl Reddington
Pearl Reddington is a multi award-winning contemporary knitwear designer based in Ireland. As a rising star in the Irish fashion landscape, Pearl is known for her instantly recognisable graphic knitwear, and a penchant for neon yellow. Pearl takes inspiration from the beautiful Irish landscape, and more recently, the strength & power of women. Pearl's new collection consists of timeless, sophisticated fits with Pearl's classic, contrasting colours. Pearl prides herself on creating unique but versatile garments, accessories and baby wear that are built to last a lifetime.

Carmen Quigley
Carmen Quigley is a Dublin based artist, enthusiastic about drawing. She sells hand painted pots, vases and original drawings.

SEACHTÓ explores & breaks the boundaries of creative floristry, through arranging emotive, imaginative & provocative art. We are keen on cultivating a union between the scintillating disco culture of the 1970’s & the magic & unrefined beauty of Éire & the natural world.


Iris Magazine Store
Iris is an online independent magazine store born at the tail end of 2021, from a need to source all of the magazines we as customers loved but couldn’t readily find here in Ireland. Iris really is a passion project for us. Based between Dublin and Belfast, we stock magazines spanning genres from Japanese titles to design to travel guides.


Apothecary Ireland
Apothecary Ireland seeks to challenge the fear of cannabis in Ireland today. An ancient Irish herbalist was a respected healer within the community and their craft was passed down through the generations. Many people are familiar with the benefits of cannabis, but only some are aware that many Irish wildflowers and botanicals contain other equally potent healing properties. Let Apothecary Ireland take you there with vegan, organic and hand-made holistic smokeables and soakables.


Come down and buy a few bits from your local independents and stick around to blow the froth off a few West Coast Coolers & have a dance 🌸