High Minds x Hen's Teeth - Lord Ha' Mercy Clay Pipe

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Unglazed clay pipe, Made in Ireland.


15cm x 4.5xm x 2.5cm


Long stemmed clay pipes were usually passed around at wakes in Ireland but also were used as political signifiers to others in the early 20th century.

The pipe's existence was brought to the attention of High Minds by an unnamed scavenger of Dalkey island.
High Minds and Hen's Teeth have come together to pay homage to this forgotten relic.

The pipes were moulded, stamped, and fired in the recently resurrected clay pipe museum in co. Roscommon where for almost 300 years, Knockcroghery lay at the centre of a thriving clay pipe industry. Production ceased when the village was burned by the Black & Tans in 1921.