Lazy Days Mirror | Hattie Stewart

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The Lazy Days mirror by artist & illustrator Hattie Stewart. 

Lazy Days, is an immersive installation and dreamy scene from Hen’s Teeth & Hattie Stewart. The exhibition features an entire bedroom created in Hattie Stewart’s bold illustrative style, featuring a series of screen prints and art objects, including bedsheets, a figurine, mirror, rug and t-shirts - all with the tongue and cheek and playful style of this self-proclaimed “professional doodler”.

Edition 50


1140mm x 640mm 

CNC cut, hand-painted & assembled in Dublin

Screen-printed finish in parts

Please contact us for a shipping quote (due to the delicate nature of this handmade item)


Hattie Stewart is a London-based artist and illustrator with a varied portfolio. With a vibrant, tongue in cheek visual identity, she is a self-proclaimed ‘professional doodler’ with a unique and playful illustration style that extends itself through the worlds of advertising, animation, art and fashion.

Since 2010, she has enjoyed increased notoriety due to ‘Doodle-Bombing’, an aptly titled personal project in which she draws over the covers of influential fashion publications such as Vogue, Interview, Dazed and Playboy. Part homage, part satire, the project continues to this day today as illustrated interruptions of well-known faces and pop culture icons.

In recent months Hattie has begun exploring the more intensely detailed illustration works - A call back to the drawings of her early professional years, these artworks are the fully realized creations of her illustrated world.

Avoiding a more conventional illustrative style, her work is bold and experimental in application, enabling her to eschew the more traditional boundaries within the field of illustration.