The Project Twins - Big Leaf,The Project Twins - Hen's Teeth

The Project Twins - Big Leaf

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Fancy it framed?

Taken from The Project Twin's show Bláth, Bláth, Bláth.

- Laser-cut Woodblock Prints on Japanese Kawashi Paper
- 600mm X 800mm
- Edition of 10 

About The Show

Bláth, Bláth, Bláth presents a series of woodcuts prints, metal  sculptural pieces and a woven tapestry, all centred around the  flower motif, a universal symbol of beauty and nature. Exploring  the interplay between the natural environment and the digital  age, awkward and wonky flower shapes are combined with the  language of emojis, computer graphics and digital iconography,  creating playful sense of anxiety or tension. 

The series of prints are made using separate laser-cut wood  pieces which are inked and put back together, almost like a  jigsaw, before printing. These are accompanied by 5 laser-cut  flower sculptures in a stark black, almost like silhouettes or  papercuts. The work explores the combination of digital  aesthetics and analogue production techniques.

About the Artists

The Project Twins are James and Michael Fitzgerald, a Cork  based collaborative art duo. Their practice is multi-disciplinary,  spanning painting, print-making, design, illustration and  three-dimensional work. 

Their work has been exhibited nationally and internationally,  with works held in several public art collections. They have also  completed a number of large scale public and private art  commissions. 

Alongside their fine art practice they regularly produce editorial  illustrations for an array of international newspapers and  publications. Their work has appeared in The Guardian, The New  York Times, TIME and The Economist amongst others. 

They are interested in the crossover of disciplines and how  they can influence and inform each other.