#1 Hola Lou (Mexico) - Goalissimo,Hen's Teeth - Hen's Teeth
#1 Hola Lou (Mexico) - Goalissimo,Hen's Teeth - Hen's Teeth

#1 Hola Lou (Mexico) - Goalissimo

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Fancy it framed?

Hen’s Teeth presents Goalissimo, a celebration of the beautiful game featuring 13 artists from around the world. Each artist has used the jersey as a canvas to reimagine their nation’s shirt to create the Hen’s Teeth dream team. All profits from sales of the shirts will be donated to Amnesty International’s Campaign for Migrant Workers in Qatar.

Our starting squad features: Mexico - Hola Lou # 1, England - Kelly Anna London # 2, USA - Vlad Sepetov # 3 , Brazil - Monga # 4, Cameroon - Sophie Douala # 5, Argentina - Seb Curi x Macarena Luzi # 6, Netherlands - We Are Out of Office # 7, Belgium - Specht Studio # 8, Germany - Eike König # 9, France - Marylou Faure # 10, South Korea - Jaemin Lee # 11. And on the bench are illustrators Gav Connell (Ireland) on the exhibition identity & Yeye Weller (Germany) on the scarves. 

Merch info

100% polyester sublimated print jersey with a woven patch and embroidered Hen’s Teeth logo. Collar and cuffs are cotton. 150gsm weight. 

Produced by Vulfco in the UK

Jerseys will be pre-ordered to reduce production costs & waste. Please allow up to four weeks for delivery.

About Amnesty International’s Campaign for Migrant Workers in Qatar

For several years, Amnesty International has documented and exposed the labour abuse and exploitation of low-paid migrant workers in Qatar. Their campaigners and researchers have documented cases involving wage theft, with thousands of workers going months or even years at a time without pay, and forced labour, with some workers having to work 12-hour days in the most extreme of climates without a day off. 

Since 2010, thousands of migrant workers have died suddenly and unexpectedly in Qatar, despite undergoing medical tests before travelling to the country. But even though there is evidence of links between premature deaths and unsafe working conditions, the Qatari authorities have failed to investigate the underlying causes of these deaths.

Amnesty International are demanding that Qatar properly deliver and enforce promised labour reforms and call on FIFA and Qatar to establish a compensation fund for abused migrant workers and their families.

Hola Lou (Luisa Salas) - Mexico

Designer, Artist, and muralist based in México City. Lou bases her graphic-style minimal abstract compositions on music, travels, and day-to-day scenes; All of these are inspired by a modern approach to the diversity of her Latin roots and Caribbean influence. Lou has collaborated with brands like Nike, Apple, Spotify, Complex, LinkedIn, and more. Her artworks and murals have been exhibited globally and her digital works are represented by the exclusive platforms SuperRare and Nifty Gateway.