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Hard Lines- House Party

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Origin: Brazil

Farm: Fazenda do Salto

Process: Natural

Tasting Notes: dried fruits, caramel, and a delicious chocolate body.

At Hard Lines, they've coined their house coffee House Party, because that’s exactly what they want it to be, a celebration. The aim with this coffee is to very simply present something that Hard Lines love to roast and drink, tastes great black or with milk, but has enough going on that you can drink it morning, noon, and night if that so pleases you. With the current iteration of House Party, they are using a natural process called Caixa de Fruta, Meaning 'Fruit Box' from the Minas Gerais Region of Brazil.


Hard Lines is a coffee shop and roastery based in Cardiff, Wales. They select, roast and serve great coffee that’s been sourced sustainably with the aim of building long lasting relationships at origin. They believe that what they’re trying to build is about more than just good coffee. Hard Lines aim to keep it fresh, fun and not too serious throughout.