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Good Spirits - Ethiopia Cold Brew

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Good Spirits produce their cold brew coffee from nothing more than filtered water of spring water quality and organic coffee beans.
Single Origin Arabica Coffee, sustainably grown in the rainforests of Ethiopia.
Gentle long-term roasting ensures the wonderful aroma of their coffee:
fruity, floral, complex!

Handy 200ml glass bottle for on the go.


Good Spirits is Germany's first coffee brewery for cold brew coffee. They make coffee - the Germans' favorite drink - fit for the 21st century.

Pure Black: Good Spirits produce their Cold Brew Coffee from nothing more than filtered water and sustainably grown organic coffee beans.

Real Taste: Whether fruity or chocolaty - raw coffee selection, roasting and the art of brewing ensure the taste of the respective variety, not just any aromatic substances.

Cold Brew: Cold brewed instead of hot brewed. The combination of gentle drum roasting and cold extraction processes ensures a particularly mild and aromatic coffee. Bye bye bitterness.

Good Spirits cold brew tastes great pure, with a dash of (plant) milk, as a base for a classic iced coffee or as an ingredient in long drinks and cocktails.