Foekje Fleur - Cleaning Soap

Foekje Fleur - Cleaning Soap

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Gentle household soap for cleaning, doing dishes, laundry, and hand lathering.

Hand made with extra virgin olive and coconut oil. With tea tree and citronella essential oil for extra hygiene and fresh scent.

Use to lather your hands and safely clean all surfaces of your home, dishes, and laundry. Use Bubble Buddy or a grate to make so some flakes that easily dissolve in warm water for soap suds. Or use this recipe to cook it up into liquid soap.

The high-quality soap bars are:
Certified organic
Cold processed
Natural ingredients
Not tested on animals
Palm oil-free


Foekje Fleur like to design attractive and colourful products that seem playful at first sight but are in fact inspired by serious topics like environmental pollution. They hope their products allow you to make a small change every day.

Foekje Fleur goal is to produce as earth and animal friendly as possible, with fair work conditions for all employees, whether that is Rotterdam, Delft, Italy, Portugal or China.

They are also agent for Quirky Carrots and maybe more fun and sustainable brands in the future.