Olin Brannigan - Breastagh Ogham,Hen's Teeth - Hen's Teeth

Olin Brannigan - Breastagh Ogham

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Size: 304.8 x 609.6mm
Paper: Giclée Fuji Metallic 290gsm
Edition: 20


A lifelong fascination with the Neolithic monuments of Ireland set photographer Olin Brannigan to bring the studio on location and show the majesty of our shared heritage.
They represent the beginning of us, the beginning of architecture, the beginning of civilisation.
Working alone, at night and treating each monument as a sculpture isolated from their pastoral surroundings. It highlights the grandeur of these important sites.
Each image represents several attempts and the process became a labour of love and in itself became as important to the photographer as the final image.
Olin Brannigan is a professional photographer, and an experienced lighting tech working primarily in stills photography on advertising campaigns & motion picture key art. 
(The project is ongoing...)“