Guzzle Issue II Launch

Killer kebabs and natural wine at Hen's Teeth to celebrate the launch of Guzzle issue II!

Guzzle is celebrating the launch of 'Issue Two: The Intimacy of Eating' with kebabs + wine at Hen's Teeth, Dublin. Join us for a feast inspired by essays and talks by some of our writers. 

“Last I checked Noma or the like aren’t serving up reheated lamb wrapped in a pita bread with about as much structural integrity as a chocolate teapot. Fine dining and spinning vertical rotisseries don’t usually go hand in hand, and I certainly don’t think the red cabbage on my kebab is lacto-fermented. Yet who wants a cold, clinical and streamlined love? I want passion, intensity, and the probability that I could be kicked out of his shop at any moment. Treat them mean, keep them keen. God, I think I am coming to the realisation that this loving relationship might be somewhat of a toxic one”. - Excerpt from A Date with Mr. Döner by Eoghan Conway. 

In typical Guzzle fashion, they're launching their next issue by bringing two of their essays to life. Enjoy kebabs and sides cooked by Hen’s Teeth and inspired by ‘A Date with Mr. Döner’ by Eoghan Conway, and savour a glass (or several) of natural wine, as featured in Brian O’Connor’s essay ‘Oenophilia’.


SAVE THE DATE: Sunday November 26th, 2023

Bookings can be made between 2pm - 8pm on the Hen's Teeth OpenTable