Bella Festa Christmas Staff Do II

Bella Festa Incorporated is thrilled to invite you to our second annual 'Christmas Staff Do' on the 22nd of December, celebrating another year of incredible business performance and high spirits.

Last year's event, was a monumental success, boosting company morale to an all-time high. We did notice, however, a significant dip in office attendance in January. Once again, the planning committee has been hard at work to ensure an unforgettable evening.
We've lined up some of the most renowned disc jockeys in corporate entertainment to provide the soundtrack for your night of festive fun. This year's DJ lineup includes the musical stylings of: Síofra, Murrin, DJ Baby Guinness, Ben (Slightly Off) and Bella Festa. 
As always, we remind you to adhere to the guidelines in the employee handbook. Remember, Human Resources will be keeping an eye out. Access passes are available for a nominal fee on 'Resident Advisor'. We're looking forward to another fantastic celebration with all of you, our valued colleagues. 
Happy Holidays!