In the run up of Black History Month this year, the Haus of Schiaparelli, will host a fundraiser on behalf of Black Queer Book Club will host Ireland’s first black led BALL, inspired by New York Queer Ballroom Culture. The event will be held on Saturday, 23rd September 2023 at Hen's Teeth. 

The Haus of Schiaparelli was founded on the rich tradition of ballroom culture while pushing the boundaries of artistry and self-discovery. Named after the legendary fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli, known for her avant-garde designs and fearless approach to fashion, our house draws inspiration from her audacity and flair. As a new Haus, we hope to offer a space for queer folks to ki and grow, both within and beyond ballroom. Follow us on IG @hausofschiaparelli for updates. The First Ball of the Season is only the beginning so stay tuned… 

The theme for the First Ball of the Season is Royalty, paying homage to New York Ballroom Culture which embraces the regality and divinity of queer folks of colour. Queer royalty is subversive. It is gender defying. It is revolutionary. We welcome queer people of colour and our allies to embrace opulence…glitter, rhinestones, feathers, velvet, silks, lace! Regale us with your most luxurious drip, the envy of whole kingdoms! 

Royalty comes from an understanding that queer people, especially the most minoritised of us (for example black trans women). While the world continues to take our diamonds which were produced under the immense pressure of oppression (queerphobia, transphobia, racism, misogynoir) and set them in rigid frames, we continue to shine. 

Queer Royalty is about embracing and taking back that which makes us divine, which is our queerness. It is not about expensive regalia. It is about forging luxury in the most sparse of spaces. It is about celebrating and galvanising our community. 

The category is: Royalty and YOU…OWN…EVERYTHING! Whether walking alone or as part of a House, we can’t wait to see you battle it out under the following… 

  • Coronation Runway 
  • Best Dressed 
  • Alien Superstar 
  • Face Category 
  • Body 
  • Twerkulator 
  • Legwork Champion 
  • Vogue 
  • The Diamond of the Season