BUDDY BUDDY- Hazelnut Chocolate Spread

BUDDY BUDDY- Hazelnut Chocolate Spread

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Fancy it framed?

To put their delicious recipe in perspective: the consumer versions contain more sugar and palm oil than hazelnuts (only 13% in the most famous brand) ... But because they only use 2 ingredients - 80% hazelnuts and 20% Belgian dark chocolate, with real vanilla bean and zero refined sugar - BUDDY BUDDY blend certainly costs more, but they still believe in quality and are convinced that they're buddies too!


BUDDY BUDDY is a high-end vegan specialty coffee bar and nut butter atelier, with a menu focused on playful signature nut butter-based drinks and food items.

Their nut butters are entirely hand-crafted in small batches in Brussels. To achieve the best flavour and texture, each nut is ground immediatly after being roasted to perfection. Nut producers are carefully selected based on geographical location, sustainable organic production and highest possible quality.

BUDDY BUDDY combines the talents of Matt (from New Zealand) and Julien (from Belgium).

They began experimenting and making their own nut butters at home a few years ago when they decided to transition towards a fully plant-based lifestyle.

BUDDY BUDDY always hated the added ingredients (sugar, palm oil, preservatives, emulsifiers) found in even the fancy-looking versions of hazelnut chocolate and other nut butters.

By taking control of the ingredients, quantities and roasting process, they realised that they could craft something special. So they began sharing their nut butters with thier buddies. And that’s how their family business started.