Alive- Hot Sauce

Alive- Hot Sauce

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Fancy it framed?

The peppers are carefully chosen to obtain the most flavorful and complex taste.
Their first Hot Sauce, The “Original”, has a lively and fruity taste that will spice up your dishes.

Thanks to fermentation, the richness of the taste is amplified and goes well with all your dishes.

Hot for the taste, and Good for you with the pro-biotic properties of natural fermentation.

Drop after drop sublimate your meals.


Coming from a family of restaurateurs, founder Sacha spent his time from a young age flicking through the recipes of his grandmothers as well as in the professional kitchens of his father, a Parisian caterer for over 40 years. It was at 16 that Sacha naturally took the path of the kitchen and began his studies in hotel and catering in Paris. He completed his first year at the Plaza Athénée, and then went to the Mansion on the Champs-Elysées, then to starred restaurants. His various positions have allowed him to develop his skills with the chefs that he had the chance to work with. After his studies in catering in Paris, Sacha went to live in Canada for 8 years, where he had the chance to work in establishments from east to west of the country. Among his experiences in Canada, he had the pleasure of being an executive chef in a French restaurant in Montreal for more than 3 years, then the wonderful West Coast of Canada in Vancouver, learned vegan cuisine and respect for our environment which passes through our plate. This is when he came back to France with his own palette for creative cuisine. In 2021, Sacha founding Alive, 100% natural, Vegan, Gluten-free Hot Sauce made in France.