Haeckels - Bladderwrack & Fennel Body Balm

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Bladderwrack and buckthorn—two completely-under-the-radar ingredients take center stage in this revitalizing body cleanser. Medicinal by nature, these superstar plants pair with with parsley seed and lavender, to provide your skin with a surge of anti-oxidants, vitamins and antiseptics. The result? Purified skin that retains its moisture and natural oils. A low-foaming cleansing gel containing naturally sourced anti-bacterial botanicals and local seaweed extract.

This 100% natural hand cleanser uses naturally cleansing plant extracts to remove impurities from the hands, killing bacteria and harmful germs whilst still being gentle on the skin.

Our seaweed extract contains vitamin B and sodium which act to repair damaged skin cells and rehydrate dry skin. How To Use Carefully pour a small amount into palm, lather with water all over the hands and fingers and rinse thoroughly. To further protect the hands follow with our Geranium Hand Balm.