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Studio Arhoj Familia Buru

Studio Arhoj: Familia - Buru

Familia is a sister and brotherhood of small Japanese Shinto inspired figurines - distant relatives of our Ghost family.

Each Familia member is hand-cast in solid, heavy white porcelain. The figurines are glazed in our wide variety of unique hi-fire colours and finally given life with a pair of eyes.

About Studio Arhoj

Located by the harbour in Copenhagen, Studio Arhoj is a Danish interior & design studio run by Anders Arhoj. Originally founded in Tokyo in 2006, Studio Arhoj is now based in Denmark.

In addition to exploring the visual relationship between Scandinavian simplicity and traditional Japanese culture we are interested in keeping alive traditions and knowledge about old crafts such as wheel throwing and glaze construction.

Studio Arhoj: Familia - Buru

Studio Arhoj: Familia - Buru

Studio Arhoj: Familia - Buru
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