NutShed Peanut Butter- Crunchy Honey Roasted

From fresh peanut butters to handmade range of raw treats, NutShed take plant-based food in its purest form to a whole other level of divine.

Crunchy Honey Roasted: Raw peanuts, drizzled with honey and roasted till caramelised. They chop them fine and fold them back through our NutShed original peanut butter


Eliza and Evie Ward are sisters and food makers from Nenagh, Tipperary. They are on a never-ending quest to feed you all with the best plant-based foods they can think of; rawballed, cookied and caked up to our taste-buds,  and when we’re not making food, spending waaaay too much time doing things like inventing tongue twisters for their NutShed Peanut Butter:

Evie picked and packed a bit o’ NutShed peanut butter but ‘er sister ‘liza came and packed the peanut butter better