Mikks- Ginger Mint

Mikks- Ginger Mint

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Signature drink - Ginger Mule: Shake 4cl Mikks Ginger Mint, 4cl Vodka and ice in a shaker for 20 seconds, pour into the glass and decorate with fresh peppermint.
Further mixing options:  gin, whiskey, rum, mezcal,  tequila, prosecco, mineral water

Shelf life: 12 months unopened. Open and refrigerated for up to 6 weeks.


Mikks is a young brand from Switzerland that crafts All Natural Drink Mixers for cocktails, spritz and virgins.

The screen printed glass bottles showcase the star of the product, the juice itself, without any printed labels that could cover it. The mascot embodies the big curved mantra, which is placed around it, a natural leaf and cocktail glass that form the face as well as the tail which can be seen as a hint to Mikks' main purpose and the word mark. The colored necklabels help to keep the various tastes apart and lend the bottles a fresh look and a clean design.

For the natural and non-alcoholic juice to be kept fresh the bottles need to be pasteurized, just like taught from our grandmas and their preserving jars, hence the screw cap system to be able to withstand the heat and pressure, which also gives product its down to earth look. With this in mind Mikks choose the preserving jar and gave it a new purpose as a cocktail shaker with printed on measurements so everyone is able to mix drinks at home with the easy screw-cap system. The three founders stand for craftsmanship in the kitchen as well as focus on aestethics, since two of them used to be trained chefs and one is a designer who worked on the whole creative direction as well as the design himself. In 2020 the brand got its finishing touches which helped them to start to expand to other countries, as well as building a partnership with Diageo.