Wakaze Sake LAB - Yuzu Sake

Wakaze Sake LAB - Yuzu Sake

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Wakaze wanted to offer a less sweet aperitif, so they created YUZU SAKÉ with no added sugar, using yuzu from Eus, one of the most beautiful villages in the South of France, close to Spain. It has a dry taste, not sweet like most yuzu sakes, which are usually sweetened with sugar. These yuzus are used in many fine restaurants and patisseries. It brings out the freshness, acidity, and slight bitterness of the citron and the addition of mint adds complexity to the flavour.

13% ABV


Takuma and Shoya lead a team obsessed with quality. After struggling to find good sake outside of Japan, the pair founded their Parisian brewery using centuries-old knowledge, French ingredients, and innovative techniques. Wakaze is a product of many things:

Intuition and precision. 
Experimentation and mastery. 
History and heart. 

To democratize sake for everyone, Wakaze are respecting tradition while breaking conventions. Combining Japanese expertise with French influence. Bringing together the best of two cultures. They want to foster a global love for sake. This is about making sake for the next generation.