EXHIBITION - Yeye Weller - New Year, Same Me

Hen’s Teeth announces Yeye Weller: New Year, Same Me, opening on Thursday, 9 January. The exhibition includes a range of Wellers prints, all of which play on the tradition of New Year’s resolutions. Wellers style of animation, combined with his cutting sarcasm makes for the perfect tone to convey this playful poke at the illusion and delusion of making New Year’s Resolutions. Weller’s choice of vibrant colour and his timeless animation style, evokes a sense of nostalgia. This exhibition is a reminder to not take ourselves too seriously and to celebrate our inconsistency. 

Every year is the same. Everyone feels unhappy and feels the need to change something with the beginning of the New Year. Tonnes of stupid New years Resolutions everywhere you look, but this exhibition will show that it is okay to be lazy and inconsistent,” says Yeye Weller on his exhibition, New Year, Same Me.

New Year, Same Me is the second exhibition at Hen’s Teeth’s permanent gallery in Dublin’s Blackpitts and will sit alongside Hen’s Teeth’s new popular Diner and its existing art & lifestyle store. 

Prints from the collection will be sold exclusively online and in-store at Hen’s Teeth from 6pm, Thursday,  9 January. 

About Yeye Weller

Yeye Weller is an artist from Münster, Germany. “I love the colors, humor and balance. These are the three necessities for my work. I don’t have a smart message or a device for freedom, my illustrations comes as they are: happy, colorful and stupid,” says Weller. From doing small illustrations in his tiny studio in the small German town of Münster, selling 50 pieces of his hand-printed magazines, to working with huge clients like Warner Bros, New York Times and Dunkin’ Donuts. Earlier this year, Yeye designed two custom prints for Hen’s Teeth titled “Have Fun and Quit your Job” and “Always Run From the Police”.

@yeyeweller http://yeyeweller.de 

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