EVENT - The Sunless Garden

Hen’s Teeth, Junior Press and and Night Hare presented The Sunless Garden, a pop-up concept restaurant on 21 October in their store on Fade Street.

Hosted by performance artist Hugh Cooney, guests enjoyed a 12-course dinner, prepared by Richard Lewis of the Night Hare in the surrounds of a fictional faded Italian restaurant, The Sunless Garden.

The Sunless Garden, once a leading light of the gastronomic scene, had faded since its golden days. With notions of grandeur driving it, The Sunless Garden is always aiming to reclaim its top spot on Dublin’s fine-dining circuit. Hen’s Teeth was transformed into the dining room of this imaginary eatery, a space which was once seen as the most romantic place to take your beloved for dinner. Here, guests learned about a fictitious couple who had their first date at the restaurant.

Guests experienced the arc of their relationship through the food they were served, and the artwork, lighting and music surrounding them. As the courses progressed, these elements subtly changed around diners, to reflect the different relationship phases through which they’re travelling.

About Junior Press Junior is a print-only photographic journal and arts organisation that celebrates emerging Irish photography.

About Rich Lewis Originally from Wales, Rich Lewis found food and drink following a short music career. After studying in London, he quickly found himself working and then running the Charles Lamb Public House in Islington, learning the ins and outs of the Gastropub trade from the front and back of house. After six years of service he moved to Hill and Szrok butchers and Cookshop in East London to nourish a growing interest in natural and low-intervention wine and grilled high-quality meat. During this time, he also started running his own pop-up restaurants, which eventually led to his current circumstance In Dublin with Night Hare – a monthly dinner concept looking for a full-time home.