EXHIBITION - Hen's Teeth X Bury Me With The Lo On

About the Lo Lifes

The Lo Lifes were a group of teenagers in New York City in the late 1980s who were heavily inspired by Ralph Lauren and his Polo collection. The clothing they wore was stolen from the high-end retailers of the tri-state area that stocked the line. Although the authorities saw the Lo Lifes as criminals, they and their followers saw something else. With big dreams, they empowered themselves by taking something not designed or intended for them, and made it their own.


Over the course of a week in August 2018, we hosted rapper Thirstin Howl the 3rd and filmmaker Tom Gould for limited-edition print drop, book-signing and documentary screening.

Bury Me With the Lo On, is a photography book of archival imagery, recent portraits and words from Raekwon, Just Blaze, Action Bronson and key Lo Life players and Polo collectors. It’s a guide to the Lo Lifes, a subculture inspired by the collecting of Ralph Lauren Polo clothing in the 1980s.

 Bury Me With the Lo On was the result of five years of research and interviews by Lo Life founder, Thirstin, and photographer Tom. It documented how a group of kids from Brooklyn, and the subculture they created, went on to influence global rap and hip-hop stars.

As part of our series with the pair, we also screened their documentary, which features archival, unreleased footage, showing the history and complexities of the story of this subculture, and present-day interviews with the many other Lo Lifes.


We also launched an exclusive range of Hen’s Teeth X BMWTLO tees, bootlegging the original Ralph Lauren Polo. And we partnered with accessories designers, Joubert Paris, to create a one-of-a-kind bag made of lamb’s leather and a vintage Ralph Lauren Polo jersey.

We partnered with the crew over at District magazine, who ran a long-form interview and photography series with Thirstin ahead of the launch. Their editor Eric also hosted a Q&A with Tom and Thirstin, at our launch night.