EXHIBITION - Fantasy 12

Dates: 12 - 20 October & 1 - 6 November 2016
Location: Copper House Gallery, Dublin 2 The Tribeton, Galway as part of Galway Design Week
For our Fantasy 12 exhibition we sought out artists hailing from Limerick to Nigeria to take on their favourite record covers and reimagine everyone from Madonna to D'Angelo with a pitstop at Alice Coltrane. The result was a series of images that oscillated between tropical psychedelia and abstract minimalism, representing a broad range of styles, palates and sensibilities. We ran two supporting events for Fantasy 12, Banter at Fantasy 12 in the Sugar Club and 'Fantasy 12: Sleeve Notes' as part of the RBMA Conversations at Metropolis Festival in November 2016.
2016 Fantasy 12 Paul Diddy Alice Coltrane
2016 Fantasy 12 Nick Gazin Baby Huey2016 Fantasy 12 Donal Thornton A Love Supreme