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An Interview With Rami Afifi

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Introduce yourself to us for those of us that don't know you?

I'm Rami Afifi and I was born in a well. I'm a founding member of the Middle Beasts crew. 

I like long walks in the park, malt whiskeys and stupid cartoons. I own many hats and many yachts and soon I will own a child.

I fight crime at night and on weekends. I've signed my life over to my wife. She has the rights to my existence. She takes good care of me.

Tell us a little about your Middle Beasts crew of illustrators?

We're like the Avengers, except instead of protecting the earth from extinction, we argue about what our logo will look like and make lots of plans that never happen.

The crew consists of Alex the Coward, Momad the Nomad, as well as other honorary members who make cameo appearances including Lutfi Zayed, Omar Zoubi, George Azmy, Hulk Hogan and Shaquille O'Neal.

Name five illustrators whose work you admire.

Mike Mignola, James Jean, Nicola Alessandrini, Moebius, Dhear One, Os Gemeos, Connor Willumsen, Tomer Hanuka, Joan Cornella, David Shrigley, Mr Bingo. Wait did you say 5 artists?

What was the last film you watched?

Starred Up.

Ghostface or Action Bronson?

I heard that when Ghostface was ten he died for like 5 minutes, and then was re-incarnated into this red head kid. Thing is he comes back to life, but its already too late because he's also been re-incarnated. So now you have two versions of the same dude fighting for the right to exist. It's really weird, but you can never have enough of a good thing.

Any words of wisdom to pass on to a young wanna be artist?

Pick up a pencil or pen and draw, and just keep on drawing. Also fighting crime helps because you see shit that inspires the subject matter of your drawings.

A little tip for the kids, you should start off by tracing. It trains your hand and your mind at drawing certain shapes. Then you can move on to sketching, then just approach the whole thing like a hip hop artist. Sample bits and bobs from your favourite artists and create your own thing.