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An Interview With Marina Esmerldo



Hey Marina, describe your illustrative style to us?

Hello! My work is bold, graphic, bright and tropical, with lots of experimentation with shapes and patterns.

You live in Barcelona. If we came to visit, where would you take us for a good bite to eat?

That's very difficult to answer! I'd probably take you to the fun El Born neighbourhood, there are so many amazing options – among them "Mosquito", a brilliant Vietnamese restaurant with great prices and a killer selection of beers.
What's the last song you listened to?

The Rolling Stone's "Sympathy for the Devil". 


It seems that there have been a few, but the highlight of your year so far?

There have been loads of brilliant professional moments, but I'd have to say getting married to my best friend twice in 2 different continents!

Can you share with us 5 illustrators whose work you admire?

Milton Glaser, fashion illustrator Amletto Dalla Costa, Hisashi Okawa, Craig & Karl and Hen Teeth fellow alumn Toni Halonen.

If you could have one piece of art hanging on your wall, what would it be?

Most probably a Matisse paper cutout, like "The Sheaf" from 1953!

Any advice for young, budding illustrators out there?

1) Don't be a dickhead AKA be nice to people; 2) Draw, draw, draw & make, make, make; 3) Be professional, do your research and be responsible, respectful and timely; 4) Get out, have experiences and meet people; and 5) Ask for what you want. It's all obvious, but takes some time to figure out.